North Shore Middleware Support Agreement

If you have a North Shore middleware app, you should receive a copy of this agreement when you purchase or renew your support with North Shore. If you do not have an official copy of this agreement, please contact North Shore Automation sales at

North Shore Middleware Support Agreement

North Shore Automation Software Annual Support and Maintenance Service users are bound by the terms and policies in this agreement and entitled to the benefits below. The Annual Support and Maintenance Agreement is valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Definition of Benefits:


Phone and remote support are available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PST, Monday through Friday. Support is available by creating a ticket via, or by phone at 818.450.3625 during normal business hours.

Maintenance Updates

Minor software updates (Maintenance Updates) as determined by North Shore, are available at no cost under this agreement. North Shore, as is reasonable, will provide remote assistance with the installation of these updates.  In some cases, applications are only upgradeable by North Shore personnel. In these cases remote access to the system must be granted in order to receive these services and updates.

Major software updates (Upgrades) are not guaranteed under this agreement. In the case of paid upgrades, the last covered version will be supported for no less than one (1) year from the release of the paid upgrade, providing the system OS is locked at the last supported version for the application.


Documentation for applications is provided on the North Shore k-base, located at, or as a PDF document.

Note: Due to the often limited audience and/or custom nature of certain North Shore products, published documentation may not be available upon installation, or at all. North Shore makes no guarantee of detailed user manuals for applications unless called out specifically in the SOW for the app.

In consideration of this, upon request, administrators will be trained on the use of the app and basic troubleshooting steps necessary to engage with North Shore support. This training is covered under this agreement and may be repeated up to one (1) time per year to allow for employee turnover.

Note: In cases where documentation is not available, additional training sessions may be made available for companies experiencing high turnover rates at North Shore’s discretion.


Training is provided as part of the initial deployment project. Additional training sessions, after the deployment is completed are not included in yearly support. Please contact your reseller to purchase and book additional training, if required or desired.

Terms & Policies

Term: Contract period is based on invoice date and/or initial deployment date.

In cases where a system is purchased and not deployed for several months, a client may request support to start at date of initial installation. This request should be made in writing before or during the deployment of the system. In the absence of a request, North Shore will consider the invoice date the renewal date for support contracts.

Renewal: Clients may renew this agreement. North Shore or the clients’ reseller will contact the Client 90 days in advance of the expiration date to renew.  A payment or purchase order is required to continue service.

Note, in cases where the reseller has failed to contact the client in a timely manner, North Shore may grant continued support (i.e., a so-called grace period) if needed, until payment or a PO can be issued. However, support agreement dates will be set to the previous expiration date, not renewed at date of PO.

No grace period will be granted to clients who do not respond to a request to renew in a timely manner.

General Information

Access Info

North Shore will require remote access to all systems during the deployment (e.g. CatDV Server, CatDV Worker Node, and VM host server).