Akomi SSL Info


This document is to assist administrators with the purchase and installation of an SSL Certificate for an Akomi system. All Akomi systems ship with a self-signed certificate. While this is fine for internal (Intranet) use, we recommend you replace this with a true certificate as soon as possible either during or after deployment if you intend to use Akomi over the public internet.

Note that NSA has no opinion or preference for which Certificate Signing Authority you choose.

SSL Certificate Generation and Installation

Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

Installing the Signed SSL Certificate in Apache

Installing the Signed SSL Certificate using N2Proxy

Certbot SSL Setup

As a courtesy, we install scripts to generate and install SSL certificates provided by Let's Encrypt. You need to verify with your IT policies whether or not the certificate issued by "Let's Encrypt Authority X3" meets your company's guidelines. The process to use the automatic certificate generation is outlined below.