Akomi User FAQ

User Settings

How do I change my password?

To change your password, hover your mouse over your name in the upper right corner of the Akomi window. Select "Edit Profile" from the drop-down menu that appears.

Once the Edit Profile panel opens, click on the "Edit Profile" button at the bottom of the window. You may now change your password, along with your name, user name, email, default landing page, and email notifications. Click the "Save" button to save any changes.

Searching for Assets

How do I find things in Akomi?

Akomi has several different ways to search assets. Inbox searches are limited to a single filter and a single keyword search field. In the Library, there are three filters, and "Advanced Filters" allows searching with multiple keywords.

Inbox searches do not find Library assets, and Library searches do not find Inbox assets.

Inbox assets may have only have technical metadata (e.g. filetype, duration, etc.), so using keyword searches may not be effective. 

How do I use Inbox filters?

Click on the pull-down menu at the top of Akomi Inbox window that says "All". Choose from the list, and all the related assets will be displayed.

Keyword searches performed after a filter is applied will limit the search to the set of filtered assets.

How do I use Library filters?

Click on the pull-down menu at the top of Akomi Library window labeled "All". Choose from the list, and then click on the pull-down menu to the right labeled "All Categories".

A third pull-down menu labeled "All" will appear to the right. Choose from the list, and all the related assets will be displayed.

Keyword searches performed after a filter is applied will limit the search to the set of filtered assets.

How does Advanced Search work?

You can perform a very detailed search in the Library by clicking on "Advanced Search" in the top-left of the Library window. From first pull-down menu that appears, choose a field to search on. Use the second pull-down menu to apply a Boolean operator (e.g. Contains, Equals, etc.) to direct the search, enter the search term in the "Search Term" field.  and click Return to start the search.

To refine a search, add additional search terms by clicking the "+" button to the right of first search term. To remove a search term from a list with multiple terms, click the "x" button to the right of that search term.

Downloading Video

How do I download a video (or other assets)?

Akomi allows users to download versions of an asset (if enabled by your administrator). To download an asset, click on the Action menu icon (a small gear, with a down arrow to the right). The action menu is displayed to the right of assets in the Summary or List views, and to the bottom right of assets in the Gallery view or on the Media Page.

Permission to download assets is set by your administrator for each user.

Once you select Download, Akomi will load the Download menu. Click the "Go" button to begin downloading the asset in the resolution displayed ("Proxy" in the image below), or select another resolution, if available, and click Go.

Akomi will download the file to the default location set in your browser.

Downloading different video resolutions and file sizes

Akomi supports downloading different formats for video assets. Here are three typical resolutions and file sizes (options on each Akomi are set by the administrator):

Downloading a high-resolution file

High-resolution files (e.g. 1 GB per minute of video) are often too large to successfully download using a web browser. North Shore developed a method to deliver these video and audio files on a request-by-request basis.

If your administrator has enabled Akomi's "Send High Res" or "Request High Res" workflows, you will see those options in the "Select Download Format" pull-down menu. When you select a high-res workflow, Akomi will send you a link via email that will allow you to download the asset via FTP.

How do I download part of a video?

You can download a video segment as opposed to the entire video by following this process:

Managing Assets/Admin

I deleted all the clips from a Media Group but it still appears in the Primary Filter in the Inbox. Why does this happen?

Often times a Media Group iss persistent not because of a bug but due to you having "approved/rejected/archived" a clip and thus hiding it from your inbox.

Anytime it seems a media group is not being "deleted", check the "Inbox" menu for approved, rejected or archived clips that may be in the system but hidden from your view.

If you are an Akomi user as well as an administrator, it's a good idea to keep an admin account that doesn't use the inbox so that it sees all the assets upon login.


Approved Assets Not Showing in Another User's Approved Inbox

Q: If I approve an asset, it moves the clip from my Inbox to my "Approved" list. (viewable under the "Inbox" drop-down list in the upper left-hard corner of the interface.) But other users still see it in their Inbox. 

A: This is the expected behavior. Think of each user's inbox like an email inbox. When a message (asset) gets sent to multiple recipients. If one user marks it read or deletes it that doesn't affect any other users Inbox.

Similarly, if one user in Akomi approves an asset, that doesn't affect any other inbox. Those users can choose to approve, reject, or archive it.

To view the Approval history of a clip, use the Admin section. Under Reports, there is an 'Approval Reporting' page which shows the complete history of the actions take on Inbox media.

For more information, please read this section on the Inbox from the Akomi Admin Guide.