NSA VMWare Deployment Quickstart

VMWare Deployment Guide


Welcome to the North Shore Automation VMWare, vSphere quick start guide. Note that this process normally takes a trained user about 30 minutes to complete, once all prep materials & info are gathered. We recommend you allow an hour for your first time. If you have questions and are a North Shore reseller or support client, please feel free to contact support@northshoreautomation.com or the project manager for your project.

You may not be familiar with all the terms in this guide. The links at the bottom of this article will give you more info, but here are the most commonly confusing terms laid out in a simple form. VMware vSphere is a hypervisor and management suite. The solution includes ESXi, a Type 1 hypervisor, and vCenter for infrastructure management.

We recommend you watch the video links below in order before beginning. They are repeated below with additional links offering more detail if you want to read/watch further. But if you’re in a hurry, (who isn’t?) dive in with the next section.

Core Instructional Materials

Watch these videos in order:

Once you’ve viewed these videos, please check the “Reference Links” section below for the “USB boot creation - how to” link for the OS of the machine that you are using to create your USB boot installer.

VMWare Deployment Process outline

Prep List

Make sure you have all of the following items ready before starting this process

Installation Steps

Note: Step by step guide with images for reference - http://www.itingredients.com/how-to-install-and-configure-vmware-esxi-6-0-step-by-step/

Reference Links

This information is provided as a courtesy by North Shore Automation. All materials linked are copyright of the creators and no warranty is made of the completeness or accuracy of these materials. Use this guide at your own risk.