NSA CatDV Premiere Panel Install

NSA Adobe Premiere Plugin Manual Install

This article has been superseded by the Square Box article available here:


To perform the easy install, using UberManager as recommended by SBS, you will need to download the following files:

http://www.squarebox.com/support/download/  (Download the CatDV Advanced Panel for Premiere CC under "Worker Node and Other Downloads")

https://github.com/nvkzNemo/UberManager/releases (Choose the .dmg or .exe from "Downloads")

it's very simple to install. Simply open UberManager and point it to the CatDVCCPanel.zxp file you downloaded from the Square Box site. It does the rest in seconds.

Old article provided for reference only:

From time to time there can be a compatibility issue with the latest version Adobe Extension Manager and the CatDV Adobe Premiere Panel Plug-in.

This document provides a step by step guide to fixing this issue.

Adobe Error

If you get an error like the following upon trying to install, use this procedure to try and manually install the plug-in.


Download the Adobe Premier Panel Plug-in and ExManCmd files from our FTP site to your desktop using the following links:


Look for the item called: CatDV Advanced Panel for Premiere CC

Here is the current Squarebox link as of Nov. 2015


You will also need the Adobe Extension Manager Command line utility, available here:


Note: You may try the ExManCmd on the Squarebox site but it may be broken from time to time by Adobe. If so, you can also google "Adobe ExManCmd download"

If you want a deeper dive in the the ExManCmd or need to adapt these instructions for Windows, see:


Install Instructions - OS X

Download and move all the installers to your Desktop

Unzip the Adobe ExManCmd file, this will leave a folder called "Contents" on your desktop.

Open up a terminal window and ensure that you cd (i.e. your directory path) to your desktop, as this is critical for the next part to work.

Run this command to to this (you may cut and paste these commands):

cd ~/Desktop/Contents/MacOS/

Then run the following command in the terminal session to change the file permissions for ExManCmd:

chmod +x ./ExManCmd

Finally, run the following command in the terminal session to install the Plug-in:

./ExManCmd --install ~/Desktop/CatDVCCPanel2.1.1.zxp

Note: If you downloaded a version other than "CatDVCC2.1.0.zxp" simply insert the correct name of the file on your desktop into the command. i.e.

"./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd --install CatDVCCPanel2.0.0.zxp" if the file was called "CatDVCCPanel2.0.0.zxp"

Note: The dash before "install" is actually 2 dashes or minuses. This is called a minus minus install  eg – -install ( space added for emphasis.)

Exit the terminal session. (Quit Terminal.)

Start Adobe Premiere and check that the Panel opens.

Testing Panel

If you don't see the CatDV panel in Premiere, select the "Extensions > CatDV" option from the "Window" menu

Panel Login Window

Enter your CatDVServer IP or hostname, CatDV username and password in the supplied boxes.

NOTE: Depending on your server setup and network if the CatDV Panel is failing to log in, use the CatDV Web Server port number (default port: 8080) at the end of the CatDV Server address. Verify the running port number by checking the CatDV Server Control Panel on the CatDV Server or with your CatDV administrator

Panel Logged In

The panel should look similar to the image below when logged in.

Docking the Panel

If your panel is undocked, you may use the following doc to dock the Panel



This completes this document. If you have questions about the configuration or operation of this system please contact Squarebox Systems, your system administrator or support@northshoreautomation.com.