Akomi VirtualBox Guide

Launch VirtualBox

Akomi runs as a virtual machine (VM) in the VirtualBox application. It is delivered as a Ubuntu (Linux) Server.

If you are unfamiliar with Virtualization as a concept we recommend that you do some research on the basic concepts but for this use case think of the Akomi Server VM as a separate computer that runs using some of the resources of your host computer. You may adjust the RAM and CPU utilization to balance the performance of each system but in a small to mid-sized Akomi system there is seldom an issue as Akomi's resource needs are relatively light.

In this document we will show you how to start (boot) and shut down or suspend the Virtual Machine. These instructions are shown on an OS X host but all host OS's function similarly.

Upon launching the VirtualBox application you should see the Oracle VirtualBox Manager. If not, check the "Window" menu and open it.

On the left hand side of the window you will see a list of virtual machines. Your system will likely only have one VM listed but for reference the system shown below has 5 VM's on it.

Start VM

Select the VM you wish to start and either click the "Start" arrow above it or right-click on the VM name and select "Start" there, as shown.

Running State

The system will now boot like any other computer. Depending upon whether the system was shut down or in a "Saved State" the startup time will vary. The status on the VM name will change to "Running" (as shown) and the machine will be available for viewing using the "Show" arrow located where the 'Start" arrow was previously.

Note that an Akomi server will run in it's non-logged in state meaning that you can leave the system at the black screen with the command prompt. (Visible by selecting "Show.") There is no reason to proceed further than the black login screen, as Akomi is fully functional in this state and this is a far more secure way to operate the server.

You may now log into the Akomi web system using your web browser as usual.

Running Operations

After the Akomi VM is running you may choose to quit the VirtualBox application. This is perfectly fine. The Akomi VM will remain running and will be viewable as the "VirtualBox VM application.

Note, Do not close this window. If you attempt to close it you will see the dialog box below. Choose "Cancel" if you want to keep the Akomi VM running or "Save the machine state" if you want to shut down the Akomi VM.

Close - Shutdown

If you need to shut down the Akomi VM for a system reboot or other operation, we recommend saving the state or suspending the VM instead of shutting it down fully. This is perfectly safe and will be far faster to both save and start.

You may use the method described above or you may choose to use the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager application.

To save the state or "turn off" the Akomi VM, right click on the VM name and select "Save State."

You may now quit VirtualBox and shut down or reboot your host machine.

Note: If you want, you can also use the ACPI Shutdown option to do a soft shut down of the VM but this should seldom need to be done.

Advanced Admin - Coming Soon)