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Proxy Format Recommendations

MPEG-4 Proxy Settings

QuickTime Proxy Settings


There is no "right" proxy size or format for Akomi or CatDV Pro, but the following is a solid guide for creating & testing a proxy format. CatDV Pro is very forgiving about proxy formats, but that behavior allows a user to choose a proxy format that will not be compatible with web players across many platforms. (high bit rate Photo-JPEG .mov for instance.)

NSA recommends choosing a web-compatible proxy format even if you do not currently use a web interface, such as CatDV Web Client or Akomi, so that if/when such an interface is integrated at a later date, you will not have to re-generate proxy files. The files generated at this recommended size and bit rate range are playable on a wide variety of devices from mobile phones to tablets to browsers across all major OS platforms.

Use them as is, or create a version based on them. For example, depending on content type and available bandwidth, you could raise or lower the bandwidth from the 700 kbps shown here.
These settings are from Apple's Quicktime engine. They exist in CatDV and many other Quicktime-based apps. However, the same settings should be accessible in any transcoding or encoding application.

MP4 was chosen as a format because many PC browsers and Android devices may not be able to play .MOV files. However, .MOV/Quicktime files are acceptable as proxy files in homogenous OS X environments.

MP4 files do not retain timecode tracks, so use the .MOV format if timecode must be retained in your stand-alone proxy files. (NOTE: This is not an issue for Akomi and CatDV as both systems can calculate TC in their media players.)

MPEG-4 Video Export Settings

Choose the following settings:

  • MP4 Wrapper
  • Video Format: H.264
  • Data Rate: 700-1,500 kbits/sec
    • Note: North Shore recommends 1,000 kbits per sec as a starting point
  • Image Size: Custom - w: 640 x h: 360
  • Frame Rate: Current or same as source
  • Key Frame: Automatic
"Video Options" can be left with the default setting, so do not click on that button.

MPEG-4 Audio Export Settings

Choose the following settings:
  • Audio Format: AAC-LC (Music)
  • Data Rate: 96 kbps
  • Channels: Stereo
  • Output Sample Rate: 32.000 kHz
  • Encoding Quality: Better

MPEG-4 Streaming Export Settings

"Enable Streaming" should be left unchecked, so there are no settings to configure.

CatDV Proxy Settings V10 and below

The following panels are viewable in the "Preferences" or "Tools" panes in CatDV Pro version 10. Earlier versions may vary slightly. 

QuickTime Proxy Settings

By clicking on the "Customize" button you will expose the screens shown below.
This example shows "visible timecode" enabled. This setting, and watermarking, are user preferences and are not required.

MPEG-4 Video Export Settings

Video Options

We leave the "Video Options" set to defaults, so there is no need to click on that button. You may choose to change the "Encoding Method."

Do not change the Profile from "Main”.

MPEG-4 Audio Export Settings

MPEG-4 Streaming Export Settings

CatDV Proxy Settings V11 - Coming Soon

We are currently working on our proxy guidelines for CatDV v11. Please stand by.

If you need additional information or assistance. Please contact North Shore at