Release v2.7.0

posted Jun 11, 2020, 11:04 AM by Damien Corbell
  • Corrected user group display in User Administration table
  • Password requirement dependent on user's SSO or CAS status
  • Refactored saml login flow and AuthRequest ID
  • Refactored the new/copy user form with checks for sso type and password check
  • Updated the sql schema with updated user with auth with saml info
  • Refactored sso settings form
  • Refactored user form to check the system sso settings
  • Refactored azure settings to saml
  • Refactored the showing of the saml login button
  • Checking user data and setting session variables when logging in via azure
  • Added redirect after processing the Azure login reply
  • Updated version and added v2.7 update sql
  • Added login via Azure button and redirecting function; Added saml2 helper library
  • Updated the user bundle to show login via Azure button if sso settings are configured
  • Updated the settings model and form to retrieve/store Azure sso settings
  • Added SSO controler with endpoint for Azure sso login reply
  • Updated the admin edit user function with authentication via azure
  • Added check for authentication via azure
  • Added sso settings form with both CAS and Azure settings
  • Updated the edit user form added sso via azure option
  • Updated the users model update function with sso via azure option
  • Added authenticate_with_azure to the users model structure
  • Updated admin navigation for SSO page
  • Added upgrade SQL to add SSO specific data