Release 2.5.1 - 2016-04-14

posted May 17, 2016, 2:47 PM by Damien Corbell

New Features

  • Added pagination to the user management section in System Administration
  • Added user metadata - Phone, Company, Group, Department
  • Added the ability to customize which fields are displayed in the user management views
  • Added the abililty to enable / disable users
  • Added the ability to deactivate or expire user accounts based on date
  • Added timezone offiset from UTC setting for the system and each user can override that setting if they choose.
  • Added the ability to add audio files to playlists
  • Added download report to the admin section
  • Cleaned up window redraws on shared playlist landing pages

Asset Galleries (Requires additional license)

  • Collection of assets displays in Akomi as a single record
  • Allows mixed galleries of Images, Videos and Audio
  • Added Image Processing - Select various sizes and Akomi will create the revisions of the files as necessary
  • Added Galleries submenu to Inbox and Library to quickly filter the galleries.
  • Added pan & zoom viewer for high-res images
  • Added thumbnail scrubber to scroll through thumb in a gallery

CAS Authentication (Requires additional license)

  • Added the ability to use CAS (Central Authentication Service) for SSO