Release 2.0.1 - 2014-08-25

posted Oct 16, 2014, 2:15 PM by Bryson Jones
  • Added: When updating a record with a new media group that doesn’t exist, the system now creates the new group.

  • Added: Setting range markers now write back to CatDV

  • Update: Message window in share dialog is bigger and resizable

  • Update: Moved ‘Date Added’ to Advanced Settings

  • Fixed: Password Reset email to use correct Site Title in subject line

  • Fixed: Get framerate from uploaded files with spaces in the filename

  • Fixed: Update copy for consistence in Groups Admin

  • Fixed: ‘Add to Library’ permissions bug on Media Page

  • Fixed: Shared Playlist displays wrong expiration date

  • Fixed: Security update on shared media landing page

  • Fixed: Allow Download bug for sites upgraded from Approval-Q

  • Fixed: Losing page number when clicking back button from a media page after performing a filter

  • Fixed: Empty lines added to Approval Report when flagging all items on a page

  • Fixed: Player, markers, playlists for Internet Explorer 9 and up

  • Fixed: Generate asset links now using DB config to pull hostname and URL syntax updated

  • Fixed: Playlist landing page video resizing issue